Through gentle piano notes maintaining minimalism to hold a line of serenity in which the voices of Joudi Nox and Aley Baracat can be most appreciated, a new collaboration between the duo, ‘Se7rak Fiyyi’, tells a slightly sombre tale of disrupted beginnings of a love story.

The indie musicians first met during their days at the American University of Cairo (AUC), but their independent music career development took Lebanese singer Joudi Nox to San Francisco, and Egyptian musician Aley Baracat to London.

In ‘Se7rak Fiyyi’, the duo depict an unnamed pair who meet abroad for a night, a cruelly limited moment of time. The song goes on to imagine the possibilities of extending the moment, of abandoning flights home and indulging in the unknown that stands before them.With the piano and pads played by Aley Baracat, the sound engineering, mixing, and mastering provided by Joudi Nox, and the duo producing the song together, ‘Se7rak Fiyyi’ flows as a harmony from a love story musical that progresses patiently through a tender incorporation of both voices before its soft climax.