When Karam Risheg, also known as Rish, decided to start House of Afandi (HOF) back in 2019, along with co-founder Jakob, he never thought he would achieve all that he did till now. Ever since witnessing French DJ, Folamour’s iconic ABBA moment in his FLY Open Air Boiler Room performance, Rish has been on a mission to push house music across Amman, something he found a passion in courtesy of his childhood best friend Oun Jweinat.

HOF is one of few party series in Jordan that offer a classic house experience, with a fine curation of sounds, selections , and line-ups, the music-collective-turned-record-label is on a constant hunt for the next big step as they always aim to do better and to enhance to party scene in Jordan. HOF will be performing in London on the 1st of July as a part of Habibi Funk’s July residency at the Jazz Cafe, along with Hong Konger salsa aficionado, Gia Fu. Habib Funk’s residency also includes Saudi-born DJ Nooriyah, Iranian collective Disco Tehran, Cairo-based selector Sotusura, among many others.

Rish credits this accomplishment to the constant hustle and non-ending hard work leading to this moment. Close friend Amro Malhas, founder of Jordanian party series VORTEX, always advised to keep a small but reliable circle, and Rish also credits his success to his trustworthy circle, who hellp, advice, and support in struggling times.

Do not miss out on House of Afandi, Habibi Funk, and Gia Fu at the Jazz Cafe in London, 1st of July. For tickets and more information, visit https://ra.co/events/1534292 .