ZULI, the multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound design artist from Cairo who has been intrinsic to the rise of Egypt’s underground electronic music scene, has released a new, limited edition LP. Titled 'Digla Dive - Live', the LP takes listeners to the depths of experimental electronica.

Drawing inspiration from road-ready mahraganat or electro-shaabi, ZULI weaves passages of hyper-chromatic ambience with elements of breakcore, switched up into ecstatic noise and futurist geometries, creating a sonic experience that is both nostalgic and futuristically vibrant.

Digla Dive - Live is an additional step further in ZULI’s extended quest, where he experiments with studio compositions tjat are constructed in a live setup spirit. The recording captures ZULI in a moment of pure creative intensity, showcasing his mastery of ruffneck IDM, fusing it with avant-garde elements and a distinctively bullish yet intricate style. While the track 'Alteration Jump' features the fierce vocal contributions of Elvin Brandhi and Karim El Ghazoly, the majority of the album highlights ZULI's solo prowess.

With this LP being released on Cairo-based label NASHAZPHONE, ZULI’s previous EPs have been released onto acclaimed labels UIQ by Lee Gamble, and Haunter Records, now considered as flagship works.