C0D3X R3C0RDS, a Cairo-based independent music label, will soon launch the first iteration of their ‘Sound and Texture’ concept on November 24th. In an intimate day-long event titled ‘Hadath’, C0D3X R3C0RDS will feature a slew of interactive activities and workshops throughout the daytime, before closing out the night with a full-blown party featuring live music sets by local Egyptian DJs.

The event will begin with a warm-up yoga session, followed by group Canvas painting workshops alongside guided open jam sessions, where attendees can plug in their flash drives and play some of their favourite tunes. As the day unfolds there will be an inter-medium art exhibition showcasing cross-disciplinary visuals and art installations, with a flash print sale.

When the sun goes down, the event will host a showcase of live music with a packed lineup of local DJs including A7ba-L-Jelly, Jana, Zeft Funk, Electroneya, and Glixlix.

50% of the ticket sales - along with a portion of the flash print sale - will be donated to the Egyptian Red Crescent to help Palestinians in Gaza. The event will be held at a private location, with doors opening at 1 PM. You can book your tickets by DMing C0D3X R3C0RDS over their Instagram account at @c0d3x_r3c.