Cairo-based interdisciplinary collective ‘Special Project’ is a decentralized community focused on left-field music, and is famously known for their live mix show ‘Tarkeeb’. The collective recently debuted record label ‘C0D3X R3C0RDS’, which was followed by the release of the VA compilation album ‘Gheir Markazy’, fusing an array of genres that include electro shaabi, drum ‘n’ bass, edm, and hip hop.

Gheir Markazy consists of seven tracks: Slekha by Jana, Harb by Umi, Oxy a Lot by onsy, Drill 3al sari3 by Sulisizer, Kalbaz by Riff, Misk El Leil by Hisham and Mish Men Hena by Sabry. As you attune your frequency to this left-field haven your ascent into the realm of intelligently disordered drum programming will proceed. Each track on the album exudes a unified orbit of interconnectedness yet all collide at different ends of the sonic spectrum.

A contingent of Middle Eastern sounding synths is surely a recurring theme throughout, which instantly captivated our adoration considering the lack of Arab representation in club music. The album goes off hard as intricate textures are instilled within, giving us the much-needed sliver of ear candy to keep the listener engaged and eager to anticipate what is yet to come.

As the album progresses elements of hard-club subside and the soothing melodies of post-electro shaabi enter the chat instead, making for a hypnotic outro for a well-produced byproduct of post-club music.