Having been trained as a classical singer, Beirut-based singer and songwriter Clara Kossaifi’s powerful voice gives her music a nostalgic quality, which when paired with lo-fi leaning sonics, make for a sentimental mix of genres that continues the legacy of previous generations of Lebanese musicians.

Her latest release ‘Ghurub’ brings a euphoric quality to her repertoire as Kossaifi sings an uplifting melody with bright chord progressions following suit to the laid back beat.

Produced by Alan Abi Sleiman, ‘Ghurub’ doubles down on being atmospheric, starting out with a serene soundscape that invites the listener into the piece. As the lo-fi drums kick in, we hear funk-inspired guitars and a grand piano adding colour to the track, with Kossaifi’s lyrics addressing her fears and anxieties.

Listen to the full track here: