Egyptian artist Bayou released his first single of 2023, ‘Dodi and Diana’, an ode  to the iconic romance between Princess Diana and Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed. The soulful R&B track opens with a mesmerizing electronic melody, evoking a contemplative and nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of Canadian musician, PartyNextDoor.

In his recent track, Bayou again blends Arabic and English, with silky vocals delivering sensual lyrics that ambitiously liken his experience of dating a woman from a different culture to the storied and fatal love affair of Dodi and Diana. Despite the pressure, the famed couple’s love remained steadfast until the end when the two died in a car crash, and for Bayou, their story continues to captivate and intrigue.

As the track progresses, the tension amps up with dark electronic beats, drawing the listener into a hypnotic experience that takes them on a journey through the iconic yet tragic love story. In the track, Bayou attempts to transcend societal barriers and traditional boundaries that seek to limit love.

Produced by Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer Motif Alumni and engineered by Brain 'Nox' Eisner, 'Dodi and Diana' showcases Bayou’s unique blend of R&B with significant cultural moments that resonate with him. Drawing inspiration from this heart-wrenching and controversial history, Bayou evokes his own forbidden love with the lyrics, “You can’t commit to me, it’s because of where I’m from.”

Listen to the track here: