Whether you are a burgeoning music producer seeking to enhance your sound design skills or simply a music enthusiast harbouring daydreams of establishing your own sonic identity yet lack the technical skills to do so, Cairo-based creative space Audio Bus has recently launched a new advanced sound design course for Egyptian artists to help make that fever dream come true.

Taught by Mostafa Adel, founder and head instructor at Audio Bus, and seasoned songwriter and producer Belal Ali, the program promises to equip you with the essential sound design skills you need to translate your musical concepts and cultivate your sonic identity from scratch.

Taken over two weeks, the course’s curriculum will delve into the intricacies of hardware gear, the construction and application of synthesisers, and the techniques of sampling and audio effects. Given that some synth patches completely rely on the usage of audio effects, the program will provide you with knowledge about the requisite effects to manipulate the harmonics and dynamics of your compositions to fit your own sound.

Since its inception in 2021, Audio Bus has quickly built up a reputation as an educational platform and a go-to hub for local and regional artists seeking to learn everything related to music production, theory and composition. From short video tutorials demonstrating the ins and outs of Ableton Live, and sound design to their signature music production workshop for beginners, Audio Bus’s extensive music courses cater to a wide range of diverse emerging artists from all levels.

Their sound design video tutorials usually feature professional artists from the regional music scene as guests to share their invaluable insights and tricks with the audience. Previous guest artists include the likes of Zuli, Kubbara, Rami Abadir and Moe Hani, aka Dirty Backseat.

Classes are scheduled to begin in February. However, the specific dates have yet to be determined, so make sure you stay tuned to their Instagram page so you won’t miss it. For more information about registrations, head over to their official website.