Coming off a hot mini tour across France and UK, co-founders of Tunisian label ‘Are You Alien’, Hearthug and Briki, return to Tunis with another special showcase, alongside Parisian producer and selector Idris Bena at Oulala! Rooftop & Club on November 19th.

The North African duo are sonic forces of nature to be reckoned with. Their original takes on the acid house genre has established them as household names in the region as well as gaining international recognition in recent times.

In Paris, Bena is considered an innovator in the modern electronic movement, birthing a new house sound which he utilizes less sounds to give more feelings. Keeping it simple and to the point yet full and beefy, Bena’s the type of producer that tries to write down all his music ideas in a single track, giving each production an explorative feel, which perfectly suits the loop-hating selectors.