Cover Photo by Ashraf Amra 

Amidst the ongoing tragedies unfolding in Gaza, three distinguished Palestinian arts centres - Al Kamandjati, The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, and the Delia Arts Foundation - have joined forces to launch a fundraising campaign to support humanitarian efforts in Gaza and uplift the voices of artists in the country.

This initiative, hosted on GoFundMe, strives to reach a USD 20,000 target, and has already amassed approximately USD 8,000. The appeal encompasses vital humanitarian necessities, including ten tents, two sanitary tents, one hundred mattresses and blankets, an electric system, one hundred pillows, hygiene products, and lighting systems. Additionally, funds are sought to support artists who hope to engage children through artistic activities.

Al Kamandjâti, a cornerstone in the cultural landscape, is dedicated to imparting music education to Palestinian children, particularly in marginalised areas. Their mission extends beyond education, aiming to fortify the appreciation of Palestinian identity and cultivate an understanding of other Arab and international cultures.

The Delia Arts Foundation focuses on nurturing the talents of young musicians, especially in regions with limited opportunities for professional growth. By providing tools, infrastructure, and resources, the foundation empowers aspiring musicians to realise their dreams, aspiring to bring positive change to their lives and communities. Core values promoted by the foundation include peace, tolerance, creativity, and humanity.

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, established in 1993, stands as a beacon for musical education in Palestine with branches across various cities. Currently boasting over 1,000 students, the conservatory endeavours to provide musical education and opportunities in locations such as Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Gaza City.