Starting 14th March, major MENA music platform MDLBEAST is set to host a four-day music production course at Merwas Studios in Riyadh City Boulevard, led by the two time Grammy-winning music producer and international DJ, Afrojack.

With over a billion streams worldwide and over ten years running his own record label Wall Recordings, Afrojack will share his insights on a range of topics including music production, inspiration, approach, how to create a hit, how to approach studio time, and more.

Afrojack will be teaming up with experienced Saudi-based music composer and producer, Zaid Nadeem, to run the masterclass. Participants will also have the chance to work with music producers from Wall Recordings, who will listen to their music and to better understand their artistic direction. The last three days of the course will be spent in the studio, where participants will work on their music, receive feedback and attend listening sessions.

Participants will also be introduced to how authentic Khaleeji music with its unique elements and drum patterns are crafted. While most of the participants are focused on electronic music, the course aims to provide these emerging music producers with a deeper dexterity in evolving their sounds, and opens up avenues for a burgeoning music scene in Saudi Arabia which fuses cultural relevance with contemporary sounds.