Established in 1994 by Christoph Borkowsky and Ben Mandelson, WOMEX (World Music Expo) operates as an international music support and development project headquartered in Berlin. Widely regarded as the most culturally diverse music gathering worldwide and the largest conference in the global music scene, WOMEX hosts a comprehensive array of events, including a trade fair, discussions, film screenings, and showcase concerts.

Scheduled from October 23rd to the 27th, the next edition of WOMEX's main event will unfold in Manchester, UK. Drawing over 2,600 music industry professionals - including 260 performers - from 90 countries, WOMEX will boast seven stages, around 700 exhibiting companies, over 100 speakers, film screenings, an opening concert, and an award ceremony.

On January 25th, WOMEX officially launched the Call for Proposals for WOMEX 24. This edition welcomes submissions from the MENA region across four categories: Showcase, Club Summit, Film, and Conference. Emphasizing diversity and inclusivity, WOMEX invites proposals from individuals of all backgrounds, advocating for enriching the global music landscape with a wide spectrum of perspectives encompassing culture, geographical region, gender, musical styles, performance traditions and more.

In its ongoing commitment to diversity, WOMEX aims to bolster representation from the MENA region at WOMEX 24. Joining WOMEX 24 presents an unparalleled opportunity for MENA artists to gain exposure and expand their reach on a global scale. Proposals for WOMEX24 can be submitted through their dedicated website.