Layale Chaker is a Paris based Lebanese violinist and composer, with a very impressive resume. She has studied at numerous classical conservatories in Lebanon, Paris and London, performed in a vast list of countries, and has been at the receiving end of many esteemed awards. She also performs year-round with Daniel Barenboim's West-Eastern Divan in the world's most acclaimed concert halls.

Chaker has just released 'Relentless', a single from her upcoming album, Inner Rhyme, out on In a Circle Records on January 18 2019.
While incorporating elements of jazz, the album is based on Arabic poetry, specifically the 12 classical Arabic poetic meters. She explores the rhythmic bodies of poetic verse, aiming to transmit the epic themes, from death to love, that populate these canons of Arabic heritage. 

'Relentless' is a dynamic and beautiful track, with simple instrumentation. Chaker's violin is propelled by punchy percussion, carried on a bed of what sounds to be bowed bass, effervescent piano and ethereal santur. There is a lot of energy here.  

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