‘Mantika’ has always been one of the standout tracks on Shabjdeed and Al Nather’s acclaimed 2019 debut LP Sindibad El Ward. The smooth lyrical flow, paired with Al Nather’s atmospheric production made for a scenic beat that’s perhaps more emotive in its approach and tonality when compared to some other tongue-in-cheek tracks on the album.

Four days ago, a music video was released for the track on BLTNM’s Youtube channel. Shot in Tunis during a leg of their album tour, the video saw Shab Mouri dabble in directing for the first time. Although not bad for a first attempt, the video is still far off from the high-end productions we’ve come to expect after the ‘Sindibad’ music video and the ‘From Ramallah to Jerusalem and Back’ short movie. The video also sees Shabjdeed clad in a UNTY t-shirt, a nice nod to his Egyptian fanbase and proof that the UNTY brand will always find its way into the creative community.

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