Wegz and Wezza Montaser are no strangers to each other as both part of Egypt’s growing trap scene and previous collaborators. The former needs little introduction as one of the few rappers in Egypt to break through into the mainstream (you know you’ve made it when you star in a telecommunications company’s ad campaign).

As a producer and artist, Wezza Montaser boasts his own impressive body of work, having collaborated with the likes of Afroto and Molotof – two more of the scene’s heavy hitters – and comes off the back of June’s well-received solo release, ‘Ana Eli Mashi’.

For their latest collaboration, ‘Zaambletta’ (or 'zambalita' depending on where you look, a slang term that can refer to anything from party to any kind of commotion, depending on context), finds a spot between trap and shaabi sounds, a trademark of Wezza’s production style, with a mizmar sample even used at one point.The track comes with an animated video, set in some kind of post-apocalyptic age of flesh-eating zombies that our two charges fight throughout. They survive the hoards, but there’s a twist. Like some kind of Resident Evil cliff-hanger, the remains of the two artists’ victims magically begin to form into one mega-monster of a zombie, before we close on TO BE CONTINUED