Reaching the number one spot on Youtube's trending upon its release last night, 'Bel Salama' marks a unique musical union between Molotof's infectious rap and Molotof's signature dark, mahraganat-infused sound. Dubbed the 'Lorry Pt.2 remix', Bel Salama essentially uses Molotof's recently released instrumental track of the same name as its musical foundation. With piercing, establishing lyrics such as "I'm Wegz the crane and I'll lift you all like bench presses" and "I have eyes that can see through the night", Wegz marks his status as one of Egypt's leading rap voices with lyrical conviction.Morphing in between autotune drench and raw upfront delivery, Wegz bars are accented with further dicey lyrics that see Molotof's growing, manic beats as the perfect musical backdrop. Typically riding hard-hitting trap beats, Wegz alternatively, and successfully, explores uncharted musical grounds as his distinctive rap sound sees a new direction with genre-bender Molotof at the helm of production. 

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