Ever at the forefront of cutting-edge dance music coming out of Lebanon, Thawra Records have released six-track LP, Black Eye, from UK born, Beirut-based producer, William Mahfoud AKA Rise 1969. Following the release of Critical Mass (2016) and Vønksh (2019), this is the veteran’s third studio LP and it’s an intense, no holds barred exploration of techno and electro. Last year, Rise 1969 was the winner of the annual Beirut Berlin Express competition, which led him to a four week residency at Blackhead Studios in Berlin, working under the mentorship of Moodmusic label and studio head Sass whilst absorbing the city's unparalleled clubbing scene. From this experience, Black Eye was born.

"The 6 track LP is an expertly engineered Techno record, featuring fantastic sound design work, dark & ominous ambiences with deeply penetrating sub energy that would make the sturdiest speaker cabinets tremble at their might,” describes Thawra Records, “From the titular track and fittingly named ‘Black Eye’ to the closing ‘Neural Handshake’, the release carries impressive textural sound work relying on (a) few methodically woven sounds and textures, emulating a Berghain-esque Techno experience with a unique and uncompromising punk attitude - an ask no questions, take no prisoners melange of Peak-time and hard-hitting Techno with a dash of melodic to warm frail hearts.”

Listen to Rise 1969's SceneNoise Select set here.

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