Nour Harakti has spent much of his career on the go. A nomadic singer, songwriter and producer, he was born and raised in Tunisia, but has spent the greater part of the past years overseas performing in Paris, Berlin, and most recently New York City. It's no surprise then to feel this roaming, dreamy nature in his latest release, Sehi - it feels like it's been conjured up or to-be-listened-to whilst brooding out of the window of a 747, the lights dimming across national borders.

Sonic textures picked up along his travels make their way into the soulful four track EP, with a variety of instrumentals used throughout from cello, trombone, sax, and upright bass inspired by musicians met along his path from the streets to the subway. Harakti's grough yet fluid voice provides a fitting and, at times, contrasting partner to the beautiful, intricate and subtle productions whilst he explores “themes of nostalgia, daydreaming, and division.” Listen in full below.

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