Though our previous coverage has been by-and-large focused on Tehran’s electronic underground scene, the Iranian capital city also has a thriving hip-hop scene that we are excited to dive into - even in the case of Tehrani artists that are based elsewhere. This latest release, ‘Khamoosh’, by Toronto-based Farsea, arrived via Tehran/London based underground hip-hop label, Divar, earlier this week.

Though the track is described as being ‘trip-hop’, in practice the instrumental leans more towards the boom-bap stylings of the US east coast, with particular attention to hardbody Philadelphia rap. The track's main anchor, however, is vocal samples vocal samples taken from 'Faramooshi' by Iranian rapper, REZ. With an ominous, heavy metal-influenced beat, ‘Khamoosh’ features piercing distorted guitar leads, splashing cymbals, and DJ Premiere-esque vinyl scratches throughout. A video directed by Pooyan accompanies the track, following suit in distorting clips from the 'Farmooshi' video, alongside suitably trippy visuals.

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