Kuwait/Beirut-based singer/songwriter, Tamara Qaddoumi, has hit the ground running for the new year, releasing an expansive music video for her latest single, ‘To See You’, ahead of her upcoming full EP, Soft Glitch. Sonically, Qaddoumi’s production lends itself to near-psychedelic alt-rock, with screeching guitar solos echoing beneath a steady breakbeat and her soulful vocal lamentations. 

Alongside the beautiful musical accompaniment, the music video for ‘To See You’ is worthy of much praise, bringing a glitchy, sci-fi aesthetic courtesy of renowned Lebanese director and choreographer Jana G. Younes, and channeling a message of platonic love, individual empowerment, and collaboration from a diverse team of Middle Eastern artists.

Speaking to Scene Noise, Qaddoumi had this to say about the project:

“A landscape of shifting sands, high winds and chromatic light provide the backdrop for this contemplative trip-hop single. A distinct, leading guitar accompanies vocals that radiate power and sensitivity, in a film that depicts the intertwining of two internal universes, forming an energising bond through the harmonious movements of an organic, intimate choreography. “

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