In support of the ongoing crises in Lebanon, experimental-electronic platform, Syrphe, has gathered together 97 artists from around the globe for a massive four-part compilation that aims to raise funds to help out with the relief efforts in Beirut. Focusing primarily on artists from Africa and Asia, Syrphe has often been a gateway to the most cutting edge sounds from the two regions.

“The current crisis around the world frequently reveals the incompetence and apathy of many politicians, investors, business leaders, and the ultra-wealthy,” said Cedrik Fermont of Syrphe, who curated and compiled the project. “The various crises we are facing may promote division, as groups meet such extreme sociopolitical and cultural challenges. But we can also choose the option to stand together, to take matters into our own hands. I hope this compilation sends a strong message of unity against adversity.”

With so many artists looking to contribute, the compilation’s four chapters are each distinct, focusing on a different subset of genres and sounds.

The money raised through Bandcamp will be split offered to several Lebanese charities and nonprofits, with Fermont admitting that they are still to decide, amidst news of untoward organisations taking advantage of the situation. “We are investigating which one of those organisations would be fair and trustworthy.”

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