Helmed by producer/singer/cinematographer, MshSalma, and producer/sound engineer Adlir [Smiley], ARRAKK’s debut EP Ma2ali dropped quietly on Cairo/Detroit experimental label, HIZZ, earlier this week. Blending distorted post-club textures and trap percussion with gritty spoken word and avant-rap, Ma2ali certainly makes for a refreshing change of pace from the plethora of ambient releases HIZZ has been putting out recently.

Dropping alongside the EP is a hypersexualised, edgy music video for the lead single ‘GANG27v2’. Like Mad Max with better fashion sense, its all guns, sex and violence in ARRAKK’s dusty post-apocalyptic dystopia.

Clocking in at around nine minutes, the four track release is an incredibly brief listen. The tracks are to the point and don't waste time introducing new ideas slowly. Rather, a DIY-punk inspired rapid-fire approach seems to be taken in crafting the audiovisual aesthetic of ARRAK, as seen on the cover art designed by Dutch Saunders.

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