While AbdulKader ‘Kade B’ Baghdadi has been known to explore depth and breadth of house in its progressive, tech and deep forms, he's turned to techno for this latest EP, Alsalamu Alikom. Comprised of two versions of the title track, one vocal mix and one dub mix, the EP also features a remix from Syrian producer, Karim Al Khayat. On Kade B’s part, he paints a hard techno sound with plenty of melody and the signature psuedo-squelching synthesiser sounds of acid. 

Released on Canadian underground label, Modern Agenda, Kade B’s two mixes prove what a difference vocals can make. Though indiscernible for much of the vocal mix, the rousing, earthy and shape it into a beachside festival banger. Take away those vocals and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a large, dark room, with Al Khayat’s remix sending you deeper into a clubbing abyss.

Having taken his first steps in music in 2005, it was in 2011 that Kade B started to hone his sound. as a producer. Since then, he has gained a Music Production diploma from London's POINTBLANK and worked with the labels across the world, including Feel Hype (Germany), Lump Records (Chile), Shango Records (Greece) and ONISM (Spain) to name just a few. He really made a mark in Kuwait in 2017, however, when he launched the Kuwait Ableton User Group, which organises meetups, presentations and workshops for emerging musicians in Kuwait.

Alsalamu Alikom. is available on Beatport

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