Dubbed 'Sudan's first vertical video' by the Khartoum based Rapper Tayeb Hajo aka TooDope, 'KTMT' is an energetic powerhouse of a rap song with a video to match. Featuring rock-influenced trap produced by Young Justus, the song's hook showcases the rapper and his crew collectively shouting "KTMT", a colloquial Sudanese Arabic word that roughly means things just got wild, repeatedly over the floor shaking beats, commanding rowdy, riot-inducing headbanging. Filmed and directed by fellow Sudanese cinematographers Mohamed Ash and Ismail, the video follows TooDope and his crew as they rap and perform dance routines in uncanny locations such as a toy store, an amusement park and public transport. Holding a surprise, 'KTMT' exits out with a sudden, mood-setting lofi instrumental that's paired with flashes of imagery depicting daily life in Sudan.
Known for his aggressively sharp and bold rap bars, TooDope is one of the key players in Sudanese hiphop, delivering socially aware and reflective lyrics that speak to the contemporary Sudanese generation - where earlier this year he released, in light of the Sudanese revolution, the politically charged track 'Talk About It' which featured the rapper outspokenly talk about the injustice and corruption prevalent in the Sudanese Government.   

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