Sudanese rapper/producer and self-described third culture kid, AKA Keyz (real name Elfaith Shami), has spent the last few years refining his rap and production chops, and is best known for his grounded presence and verses that simultaneously hit hard as well as cut deep, regardless of whether on speaker rattling bangers or on understated lo-fi bops. 

Between dropping tunes as a solo artist, AKA Keyz also acts as an essential part of Sudanese collective, The C!rcle, alongside Aidyproof, G-SALIH, Nadine El Roubi, and Eaz Da Bully. This latest single, ‘Low Life’, sees AKA Keyz team up with Nadine El Roubi, and features an intense guest verse by acclaimed Dubai-based rapper Majeed. 

In a departure from his lyrically intense previous single, ‘Maximum’, this latest offering returns to the much more mellow vibe that AKA Keyz often frequents, with Nadine contributing soft background vocals and a solo verse that perfectly fits the lo-fi electric piano holding down melodic duties over a thumping yet upbeat trap instrumental.  

With an introspective message that channels years of hustle, the rapper’s vocals come through with a weathered-down grit that screams authenticity, and across the length of the tune we hear him matching flows with Nadine, with the two organically bouncing off eachother’s energies. 

While we wish that Majeed’s closing verse lasted just a bit longer, it fits well within the context of the tune, adding an intensity that simultaneously displays Majeed’s hunger for rap success, and ends ‘Low Life’ on a surprisingly high note. 

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