Paris-based Palestinian-born experimental producer, 00970, is no stranger to tackling conceptual themes (hyperlink to th previous article we did about them), with many of his previous albums and EP’s having a strict narrative focus that guide’s his sonic ventures.

On this latest work, Time Out, 00970 explores temporality through two brief tracks, each clocking in at just under three minutes. Within such self-imposed time constraints, 00970 packs an enormous number of musical ideas into a relatively short amount of time, forgoing traditional pacing, build-ups, or breakdowns.

Between trip-hop-based rhythms, glitched-out sound design and spacious ambiences lurking in the background, Time Out teeters on the edge of numerous genres, bringing both thumping rhythms as well as intricate arrangement to the forefront of an intentional ‘irregular chaos’ that pervades every moment of the project.

For those inclined towards futuristic landscapes and stank-face inducing bounce, 00970’s Time Out offers a brief glimpse into the spaces in between conventional time.

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