21 year-old Alexandrian rapper, Hesham Hassan, aka Raptor, has unleashed his latest track and debut video, 'Sm3ni Rap'. An ascending force in the Middle Eastern rap scene, the young artist has been dishing out heavy trap sounds since 2017. His first release, 'Batalo Fake', features Alexandrian trap-behemoth, Wegz, and his opening album, Planet Of The West (2018), comprises tracks produced by the likes of Scratch, Rashed Musik and the acclaimed Marwan Moussa. 
Filmed in a dim, graffiti-laden structure bridging two subway platforms, the Droogs-curated debut video is deeply in sync with the track's story. Produced by DJ Totti, 'Sm3ni Rap' is a combative, lyrically-cutting track telling the artist's protracted struggle in gaining a foothold in the Egyptian rap scene and - once in it - credibility among its players. However, assertive of his triumph and committed to perseverance, it is difficult to imagine Raptor enduring this predicament for much longer. 
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