Moroccan experimental electronic collective/label V.I.V. have just released another EP, this time by Casablanca-based producer Skotek, in collaboration with rising Parisian producer Amor Satyr. Belwidane is a hi-energy footwork and jungle EP.

Skotek is one of the aliases of a Casablanca born artist. His collaboration with Amor Satyr, a ghetto-rave producer, began in the mountain-lake paradise of Bin El Ouidane, as the artists bonded over their love for footwork, a Chicago electronic genre and dance style from the '90s. 
In result, Belwidane is two tracks of jungle and footwork club bangers. The A-side, "Baby Boy" is a "syrupy mesh of R&B and dancehall samples over exotic jungle breaks," according to V.I.V., while the B-side, "Belmidane" loads on dark vocals and frenetic drums, resulting in a footwork/hip-hop mélange. 

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