Palestinian rapper and a founding member of the home-grown BLTNM imprint, Shabjdeed, collaborated with Riyadiyat and producer Al Nather to create a mellow-drill track, Fi Harb (There's A War). Released last week, Fi Harb marks a shift from Shabjdeed's   and generally, the BLTNM clan's   aversion to centering lyrics on Palestine's crippling socio-political situation. Indeed, since their inception, members of BLTNM have been recognised widely for imbuing tracks with fun and cathartic lyrics   distinguishing them from first-generation artists of their genre, to the point where they now front the second-generation of artists responsible for re-framing the local narrative.Comprising a hook emphasising the magnitude of the war in Palestine "Missiles from Gaza are reaching Antarctica" accompanied by verses transmitting its debilitating continuity "Experience it once, twice, in Deir as-Sudan, there's a battle"Fi Harb is a reminder of the arduous context from which Shabjdeed, Riyadiyat and his accomplices are producing art. 

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