Eldab3 has quickly established himself as one of the rising stars of Egypt’s trap-rap scene and, on this latest release, 'Wala3', he’s teamed up with fellow rapper, Abo El Anwar, who established himself via high profile collaborations with artists like Marwan Moussa and Abyusif. The trap-chaabi beat, provided by hitmaker Lil Baba, is an upbeat and euphoric take on what's slowly becoming their signature style. Airy arpeggiated synthesisers flow nicely behind the heavily autotuned vocals, while the deep shaabi rhythm section gives the track a driving forward energy. 


Racking up over 120,000 listens in just seven days, ‘Wala3’ is testament to Eldab3’s growing popularity, and has already overtaken his previous viral hit, ‘Off’.


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