Jamal Sul is a Dublin-based Saudi producer that has been making waves recently with his releases on Nail Shop, Jheri Tracks and Dar Disku, the sheer amount of support he received on the airwaves of NTS, Noods, Red Light, Rinse and more, in the media through Mixmag, Resident Advisor and Sloth Boogie, or in the DJ sets of Hunee, Palms Trax, Skatebard, Move D, Or:la, Esa Wiliams to name a few.

This is why it’s our pleasure to premiere one of his newest tracks ‘’ll Tell You For A Tenner’ today which is set for release tomorrow on Jimmy Rouge’s Orange Tree Edits as part of his Inta Min Feen? EP. The track’s title serves as an answer to the EP’s name which is essentially play on Jamal bridging both his Saudi and Irish sides. The track also sees sample his own voice, and utilizing his Jeddawi accent on top of punchy kicks, textured synth stabs, sanded-down snares and an unmistakable ney flute sample.

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