In November 2019, Dubai-based Palestinian artist, K.K., released his first single, ‘Nights Like This’, which put him at a cross-section of contemporary R&B and soul, with the hazy, spacey production providing a fitting bedding for lyrics about the disillusionment that follows a break up. The wistful, languorous aesthetic continued in April 2020’s ‘You Tell Me’ and his third single, ‘Never Enough’, extends his stay in Heartbreak Hotel.

It’s arguably the strongest track of the three, thanks to more full-bodied, soulful production that pulls elements of the alternative R&B/soul-pop sounds that the likes of Khalid and 6LACK have used to usher in a moody, introspective style of R&B in recent years.

The track is produced and co-written by Syrian-British producer, Rayan Bailouni, also based in Dubai. The two met in 2018 and have worked closely ever since.

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