As it turns out, Omar Abdelhady is the guitarist of The Chicken Came First, one of Cairo’s staple post-rock groups. Right now however, we are excited to find out that he also makes music as a solo act under the moniker M.Omar.

At 16, Omar strayed from the world of football, and taught himself to play guitar watching Youtube. This “newly found obsession then grew into a deep interest to develop soundscapes with a guitar and effects pedals.” This inspired him to co-found The Chicken Came First, which he played many shows throughout 2011-2015. After his period with The Chicken Came First, he moved to Istanbul and began to experiment with electronic music & production.

Having spent the past few years abroad, Omar continued to stay true to his musical practice, “everywhere between Cairo & Istanbul.” He has just released a 9 track indie-electronic/post-rock album, Lost in Details, made on two different continents over the past three years.

Follow M.Omar on Anghami and SoundCloud.