Miami-based Egyptian rapper, Batawi, is very much riding a wistful vibe spacey new track, ‘Lana’s Story’. Against a suitably ambient and dreamy beat, the rapper looks back fondly on the innocence and imagination associated with being a child. “I discuss growing up, childhood imagination and the ambition to thrive without compromising that youthful spirit,” the rapper tells SceneNoise. 

The track – also produced by Batawi - incorporates elements of rap, pop, electronic and even rock to create its chilled but spirited sound, and explores an all-too-familiar feeling of being desperate to grow up, only to wish you could slow down time again.

Batawi has been steadily producing music for the past three years and has formed  quite the diverse portfolio, incorporating elements across different genres and themes, while often paying homage to his Egyptian background. Stay on the lookout for the rapper’s upcoming collaborations with another Miami resident,  Sudanese rapper Hoosh.

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