After launching her career in 2014, Egyptian-Lebanese singer-songwriter, Malak Husseiny, followed her debut EP, Alters, with a number of singles such as 'Wild Summer Hearts' and 'Spirits of Time', garnering regional radio attention and over 1 million plays online. After a long hiatus, Husseiny returns with a new song, 'Can’t Catch an Emotion'.

It's a soulful, slow-burning pop record that puts her warm, evocative vocals on a pedestal throughout and, whilst she can't seem to catch an emotion during the five minute balad, she does manage to catch a mesmerising chorus and hook that ebbs and flows seamlessly through the verses. The track is accompanied by a vivid, surreal music video directed by prolific contemporary production house, DROOGS, and has this sort-of 90s feel to it. We see Husseiny trape majestically through a barren desert with floating fish, before arriving at the breaking waves of a shore and ending up in a ghostly black space where she reaches out for answers to her emotional angst. 


"I wrote ‘Can't Catch an Emotion’ at a time when I felt completely disconnected from myself and everything around me,” she writes about the single. “For the longest time I found it difficult to feel things like I used to and coming from an emotional person, that indifference was very foreign to me. I decided to write about the only emotion I could put into words at the time. I was physically there, but I was somewhere else completely. By writing and working on this song, I slowly started to connect to myself again as an artist and was able to do more than just "drag my body through time”.


In recent months, Husseiny has also supported big names such as Oscar and The Wolf and Balthazar during their Cairo visits. Her debut studio album is set for release in the summer of 2020. 

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