With his own record label, Thawra Records, in full swing, Lebanese electronic producer, Etyen, shows no signs of slowing down having released an EP this week, showcasing three unique approaches to remixing track from his Kayen EP, which was released just a few months ago.

The second EP to be dropped by the Thawra Records, Kayen Remixes is a symbol of Lebanon and the region’s increasing innovation in electronic music. Each track is unique in its own right, with distinct vibes. The first track, 'Kayen Modular Edit', is remixed by Etyen himself and is a scaled-back approach to the original track; this time the producer uses a single drum machine, a modular synthesizer and a sequencer. The second track of the three-track EP sees Lebanese house and techno outfit, Pomme Rouge, take on the track with a multi-layered approach, combining their signature analogue gear with synthesizers and drum machines for a more danceable sound. 

Finally, Beirut-based Ziad Moukarzel’s contribution sees him take on another track on the Kayen EP, 'Me Voy' – a nod to the Spanish rave scene where this track would fit right in; fast-paced, energetic and continuously building in intensity.

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