While he may not enjoy as much fame as some of the big-hitters on the trap scene in the northern Egyptian town of Alexandria, L5VAV is among the most established artists when it comes to delivering a final product. Many will remember him most for his collaboration with fellow Alexandrian, Wegz, on ‘Madinat Al Moznbeen’, and for his latest release, he has recruited another of Egypt’s most popular rappers in Shahyn.

Practically speaking, there's nothing inherently wrong with ‘Gedeen Novy’, which features production by Ba5 and Amr Ali. It checks most boxes for a conventional trap song - hard-hitting 808 kicks and eerie melodies - and its short runtime demands repeat listens. Whether it lives up to the hype of featuring Shahyn and a polished, high-budget video from director Amr Hassan is the real question.

L5VAV’s flows are tight and kind-of infectious on repeat listens, though in the grand scheme of Egypt’s obsession with trap, it falls short of the anthemic status that it seems L5VAV was shooting for. One thing that both the track and video show is that Egypt’s rappers aren’t getting sick of trap anytime soon.

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