Kuwait-based international experimental label, Kalibr+, have announced their latest V/A EP, Midnight, II earlier this week and it promises to take the collective’s signature style into new directions. Stepping away from their usual futuristically inclined aesthetic, this latest album draws heavy inspiration from the neon-soaked night drives of 90s underground racing culture. 

The debut single off Midnight II — ‘Sonder’ — arrives courtesy of Kalibr+ member Sirensandsatyrs. Recorded directly to cassette tape, ‘Sonder’ preserves the gritty, tape-saturated signatures of lo-fi house, through blown-out kick drums, ethereal chords, and shuffling rust-laden hi-hat arrangements.


Based off of this latest single, Midnight II is shaping up to be a bit more understated than other recent Kalibr+ releases, and in addition to Sirensandsatyrs, is set to feature Edyth, Techsi, and Ch4ins4w. The EP is scheduled for a December release via conventional streaming services as well as Bandcamp, where a limited edition cassette version as well as other merch from Midnight II is available to preorder now.

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