The record label responsible for Yunis and Ibrahim X's disruptive LP Ya Khal is back again with their second release - a six track instrumental shaa'bi EP called The Blue Djinn Dance by Yunis who goes solo this time around. Following the same thread of their debut, Kafr El Dauwar seem insistent in their intent to challenge the format. While instrumental shaa'bi isn't a new concept per se, the idea of repurposing it and reframing it as a wholesome thematic EP is. Throughout The Blue Djinn Dance, Yunis is a musical storyteller, depicting different emotional narratives through complex arrangements and expressive melodic statements that are visually augmented by photographer Fathi Hawas' kaleidoscopic artworks.Born out of chaotic haze, the album's opening number 'The Blue Jin' unapologetically dives headfirst into explosive synth-laden shaa'bi, immediately setting the EP’s tone with its high energy drum grooves and tuneful bass lines. Similarly, ‘Molid Al-Sayieda’ treads electrifying synth from its onset where it abruptly transitions into a hypnotic slow tempo break where Yunis masterfully performs a jolting synth solo. A definite EP standout has to be ‘Mizmar Al-Faqier’, which translates to ‘Mizmar of the Poor’, an entrancing seven minute track that opens up with a pulsating mizmar synth sequence and a mood setting accordion solo. Equally Heart-wrenching and evocative, the track’s melodies continually reflect back upon each other, unraveling a multi-characteristic tale of struggle and hardship.The Blue Djinn Dance’ is a momentous  release in its own right, showcasing Yunis’ ability to craft hard hitting, exhilarating shaa’bi. Although slightly unvarying at times, the EP’s sinister melodies, floor-shaking grooves and gripping musical arrangements are relentless in their delivery, yielding impactful results and equally an intoxicating listen.

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