Wearing her insecurities on her sleeve, Cairo based producer Hana Mashhour AKA J!N's debut full release on HIZZ pink stm & wite ptl is a multi-layered double sided LP, boasting subtle vocal-infused trip hop on side a pink stm and a more ambient format on side b white ptl. In pink stm J!N delivers faint, winding vocals that ghost in and out through the occasional soft beat pulses as heard on the track 'stretch marks' which explores dialogues of inner-vulnerability as it delivers spaced out trip-hop filled with exciting textures and ominous synth lines that are reminiscent of Massive Attack's earlier works. 

On side b wite ptl J!N completely abandons beats and drum samples and takes us on a rich, lush ambient journey that transpires a sense of catharsis after the darker tones set in pink stm. Saturated with background noises, field recordings, glistening synth melodies and pads, wite ptl represents the blissful euphoria that results from fully accepting your frames of discomfort, vulnerability and insecurity.  

Crafting her sound since 2013, J!N has been releasing a steady stream of ambient EPs and releases that are characterized by Hana's nuanced approach of constructing atmospheric pieces that are loaded with emotive perceptions.    

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