Helmed by Eren Günsan, Istanbul-based darkwave/synth-pop project, Affet Robot (meaning ‘Forgive Robot’), first made waves through 2017 debut LP, Röntgen, and subsequent EP, Huzursuz Seirler, which received support from, and was recorded at, Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam in late 2019. Affet Robot is set to self-release his second full length LP, Fiyasko, by the end of 2020, teasing the album with the first single off the project, ‘Budala’,earlier this month.

Drawing influence from the darker corners of 1980s synthwave, Affet Robot’s production on ‘Budala’ (which translated to ‘Like a Fool’) is rife with crisp analog synthesiser lines, gated-reverb on the drums in classic 80s fashion, and steady drum machines holding down the beat. The music video, directed by Gökay Çatak & Mert Şen, features Affet Robot frontman, Eren Günsan, and keyboardist Zeynep Oktar, set to a soft, neon-soaked backdrop, and featuring excerpts of intense dance by Burcu Uçatenik. 

“All the catastrophes created by one's hand, will trap his own. When the day comes, it is foolish to seek forgiveness by the evils lacking mercy, created the same hand.” - Affet Robot

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