Abrasive ambiences and blistering juke percussion collide on this debut collaborative effort from the Cairo-based producers. 

Egyptian/Serbian multidisciplinary artist Hannah E (a.k.a LAV) brings onboard Egyptian producer/visual artist Ramy (a.k.a MJDB) for their first collaborative effort ANATTA. Released via Cairo-based experimental label Sound Of Noize on October 4th, ANATTA follows up Hannah’s debut project on Sound Of Noize, the cacophonous 3-track EP ALOKRISHNA.

Kicking off with ‘CODED’, Hannah and MJDB immediately set a fast pace through thundering, bass-laden juke/footwork kick drum patterns and rapid-fire hi-hats and stuttering snare accentuations echoing behind a set of moody acoustic piano chords and warped vocal sample chops.  

The second track ‘PLASTIK’ slows things down even further, bringing MJDB’s corrugated maximalist sampling to the forefront through twisted layers of downpitched vocals and abrasive bursts of white noise over a steady, plodding beat. 

As Sound Of Noize continues to expand upon their ever growing roster, it’s refreshing to see such attention paid to younger voices in Egypt’s experimental electronic scene, as Hannah and MJDB both show incredible promise for future careers via this collaborative project. 

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