Seeking inspiration from canonical French electro pop artists like Vendredi sur Mer, Juliette Armanet and La Femme, burgeoning Egyptian singer/songwriter Sara El Sadda AKA  Sossaliza has released a new synth heavy single ‘On a Tout Perdu’ – meaning ‘we lost it all'. Produced by Sossaliza and Egyptian producer Mostafa Kamel, it tells the story – in three chapters - of a couple who fall out of love and the relationship’s subsequent deterioration, showcasing the journey of reflection, regret and acceptance. 

The accompanying video was shot and directed by Paris-based Egyptian cinematographer Farida Karim and is inspired by the French new wave – using vivid colour and abstract theater to propel the song's emotive message.

“I find that the French electronic scene – from which I seek my inspiration – produce sounds that are very rich, clean, melodic and synthetic,” Sossaliza tells SceneNoise, “French is my language of choice because, save for the fact that I’m French-educated, I also made this choice because I find the language very melodic and musical.”

In April, the artist released her debut track called ‘Préavis de rêve’ and is planning to release a new track ‘Accomplice’ before the end of this year. 

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