After turning heads with February-released EP, Nabot, Egyptian artist, Turk, has maintained a fairly enigmatic existence, experimental visuals, artworks and videos painting a dense picture of a man who holds within his hands a particularly dark brand of trap.

Following the video for one of the EP’s DJ Totti-produced tracks, ‘Lesa Lesa’, Turk has teamed up again with Egyptian production house and creative agency, 8IINCH, who have taken Turk out to the desert for ‘YoYo’, shot and directed by Youssef Oshaa. Produced by Lege-Cy, the track bounces to a skittish beat and an 8-bit-like melody. It’s Turk’s unique vocals that make the track standout, however. While there is some autotune used, as has become a hallmark of Egyptian trap, his unrestrained delivery and warbling pitch stabs and swings throughout the track.

With this track, Turk has furthered his reputation as a versatile artist, which you could see in the four-track, Nabot, which interestingly featured a rock-leaning ballad. Check it out below.

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