Lella Fadda is emerging as one of the more interesting singers in Egypt’s new wave of pop vocalists, with an evocative, classically-infused style reminiscent of a bygone golden-era of Egyptian music.

Produced and arranged by Ratchopper of BLOC C records, the instrumental for ‘El Wa’t Msh Beyaadi' features a majestic, sweeping cello orchestration courtesy of Yulia nd Boris Sevastyanova, and a minimal guitar accompaniment by frequent collaborator Joe Tariq.

Lamenting on “stolen” love from a lover who Fadda knows will inevitably leave, ‘El Wa’t Msh Beyaadi’ is incredibly evocative, sitting somewhere in between a deeply emotional folk and a silver-screen worthy cinematic score. Pinning down ‘El Wa’t Msh Beyaadi’ to any one genre is certainly a challenge, though one thing that becomes clear over the length of the track is that the fledgeling artist is shedding layers of uncertainty and self-doubt with each new single or feature, and embracing the deep melodics, sensual undertones, and inherent empowerment of her own voice. 

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