First teased almost a month ago, ‘Mesh Hastanna/I Won’t Wait’ is a new project that sees New York-based Egyptian rapper, Felukah, team up with Musawah; a global initiative and non-profit that fights for Muslim women’s equality, especially when it comes to Muslim family law.

Musawah was born in 2009 in Kuala Lumpur during a global meeting that was attended by 250 women from 50 countries from across the world. Since then, the organisation has been on a mission to fight for women’s rights in the Muslim world. The song sees Felukah rap in Arabic against a simple but soulful piano-led track that weaves in oud, with the video animated by Dubai-based artist, Rama Duwaji. "Let’s use this time to look inwards at the systems we subscribe to and the ideals we perpetuate," Feluka writes not of just this project, but the BLM movement, which has gathered support from across the globe. "I do believe things can change for women, I do believe in people of colour rising to power, I do believe in collective consciousness."

Women’s rights and her native culture have been common topics in Felukah’s work and, while she has proved to be divisive among rap fans, she has won plenty of admirers for her M.O. Earlier this month, she released the first single, ‘22+1’, from her upcoming album, Dream 23, on UAE label, Abu Recordings.

Check out or video feature with Felukah from earlier this year.

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