A little over a month after releasing her debut EP, Our Story, Dubai-based R&B and neo-soul artist, michele, has dropped more new work, this time in collaboration with LA-based Omani artist, Adam Nabeel.

Like the rawness and emotion shown in the April-released, four-track EP, ‘Glad (To Be Yours)’ is also an emotive, immersive track and that’s partly due to returning producer, AY. The melange of a hip-hop-leaning beat, robust bass and sparse, unhurried, soul-inspired melody come together to provide an uncluttered bed for the vocals of michele and Nabeel. Written by the twosome, the lyrics speak of the yin-and-yang of a new relationship - the excitement and fear of it all.
What the track does lack, however, is a back-and-forth between michele and Nabeel, the latter of whom only gets one solo verse. R&B and neo-soul are full of the kind-of male-female dialogue that anchors ‘Glad’ and maybe even bringing Nabeel in on one last rousing delivery of the chorus could have amped up the emotion even further in what can only be described as a wistfully romantic, melancholically sensual track.

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