Maker of films, designer of kitsch clothing, modeler of catwalks, composer of experimental music and bearer of the best mustache in the Arab world. Dubai-based jack of all trades, Basil AlHadi, AKA Karrouhat, has just released his latest single 'Cyborg in My Feeling'. 

The track, which is accompanied by a bizarre and beautiful visual featuring a drowning scrap-metal dog created by Shady AlHady, has a nightmarish quality to it with retro synths underlying scattershot drum patterns, irregular pace and patterns and ominous vocal samples throughout.

There's a sudden shift half way, through. A crushed melody clammers in with a slowly rumbling rhythm, subtly oriental in nature, that feels like the track's sentient motherboard is frying as it attempts to reboot itself. It's a playful, nuanced record with a somber story wrapped inside.

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