“Croatia” is the first music video to see its release from Jordan rapper Laith Hasan aka The Synaptik’s new album - Om AlMawjat. The upcoming album is set for release very soon, and will include 16 tracks with production from names like DAMAR and Wikidz. Ironically "Croatia" has nothing to with the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but rather focuses on being lost in a foreign place, like Croatia.

The video for Croatia still carries the overall look and feel of most of the previous Synaptik videos, but to his defence, he’s always been focused more on his music than he is on his music videos. He’s more invested in not repeating himself musically than he is visually. It’s safe to assume that Laith sees his videos as just an element of support to his singles, hence why it referred to as ‘music visual’ in the title rather than ‘music video’. 

Now back to the song itself, it's produced by DAMAR and written by Synaptik and can be used as an indicator of sorts that his new album will be headed in a new direction, and perhaps even introduce a new sound to the Jordanian rap scene. But we’ll leave the critical analysis for the review once the album drops in full.  

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