For the second time in mere months, newly formed Cairo group Kahareb have released another light-hearted, eye catching video. 

Kahareb is the new project of Youssef Atwan, one half of the beloved but now defunct comic band, Like Jelly. This time, Atwan, on guitar and vocals, is backed up by Mokhtar El Sayeh on bass guitar, Mohamed Adel on lead guitar, and Moe Arkan on drums. 

The video, for the song "Leila Matina", is similar in concept to the video for "El Sauce", but with heaps more dancing. Playing on the idea of a wedding photo set-up, people move in and out of the frame, around the supposed married couple (seated on a "Halawa" motorcycle), dressed in suit and gown. The set is complete with garish glittery curtains and fake plants. 
The lyrics are comically romantic, with under-currents of satire. With exceptionally entertaining costume, overly cheesy dance moves, and flamboyant lighting, the video is eye candy. Though Aida El Kashef took the directorial reigns on "Leila Matina", it seems that Kahareb's aesthetic vision has been established.  

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